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About Us

Media Hour Ltd is a Vermont based media nonprofit founded in 2019 by artist Chelsea Knight. Originally conceived as an off-grid artist residency, AOL (Art Offline) in Shaftsbury Vermont, Knight moved to nearby Sunderland Vermont in 2020 and began focusing on media-specific projects. Former artist-in-residence Zacry Spears contributed to the development of Media Hour and helped to co-found the residency as it exists today.


Media Hour seeks to foster media literacy and support the production of video and media works by artists and community members interested in video production. We run video education programs and have started a series of short videos - Sessions - in which we interview community members and discuss what they are watching in the media. 

Media Hour invites artist residents to visit the Media Hour studio in Sunderland VT each summer, to produce a television program that airs on local cable access television. Each resident creates one television show, with the technical and educational support of our facility, equipment and production planning. The programs become part of a TV series and Media Hour archive that air around the state, are exhibited in an art context, and are hosted at Media Hour for yearly public screening series. We want to bring increased artistic content to public television around the state, and to engage residents in media production. Starting spring 20223 residents will be chosen through a juried application process.

Media Hour is directed by artist Chelsea Knight. Its current media focus was developed in conversation with former artist resident and co-founder of its current iteration, Zacry Spears.

Media Hour received generous grants from The Vermont Women's Fund and the Vermont Arts Council in 2022. Our education initiatives are supported by Bennington College

Support for Media Hour provided by:

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